Friday, October 4, 2013

Feast of St. Francis

I LOVE the Feast of St. Francis.  His love of animals makes him so accesible and kid friendly, while his attitude towards showing love through action is something that really helps them understand what it means to live the Gospel.

To start the day with, we watched this really cute video that the kids loved:

We didn't get to much else, but at our Catholic homeschooling co-op that afternoon, they learned more about him and made some really cute bird feeders made out of bagels to help care for our friendly front yard friends.

I found some really neat resources in planning some fun ideas for next year:
10 Ideas for Bringing St. Francis to the Classroom
St. Francis and the Blessing of Animals
Celebrating St. Francis of Assisi with Young Ones
St. Francis of Assisi Notebooking Page

Thanks for reading!

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