Sunday, May 25, 2014

2 Months in 1 Post

Several bouts of illness, traveling, homeschool conference planning, and general life craziness have all conspired to keep me out of the blogging world the past couple of months.  We enjoyed our homeschooling time when we could, and the children learned several life skills in independence while I was laid up for various sicknesses.  Part of my reason for having this blog is to create a scrapbook of sorts for our homeschooling journey together.  So forgive my huge photo dump of the last couple of months; I know the children and I will enjoy having this record to look back on in a few years!

Nature Time
We have enjoyed quite a bit of nature time this spring.  The kids were given a bird feeder, which has proven to be the single best gift they have ever received.  I can't even begin to count the many hours spent staring at the various birds attracted to our little window feeder.  Lots of other fun nature exploration has happened from playing with caterpillars and ladybugs in our backyard to nature hikes with our Charlotte Mason group.

Family Time
The three children have really gotten close these past few months.  Gabrielle is finally old enough to join in imaginative play which has really opened up the play possibilities for the older kiddos.  They all started sharing a room and are as thick as thieves.

Catholic Stuff
We've had lots of opportunity to delve deep into our faith during the rich liturgical seasons of Easter and Lent.  We have tried hard to incorporate major feast days into our life as well.

Homeschool Co-ops
We have continued enjoying the group activities through our various co-ops.  We have been attending wonderful geography playgroups the last several months.  I teach a science class through the same co-op and have truly enjoyed watching my little group of 5 and 6 year olds develop their scientific understanding.  We've also enjoyed P.E., nature walks, and lots more.  Who said homeschoolers are anti-social?!

Our city offers wonderful, affordable sports classes through our Parks and Rec. department that we try to take advantage of when possible.  Michaela and Rafael took archery earlier this spring together and then Rafael took soccer while Michaela took track.

It's been a fun semester!  Thanks for reading!

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