Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Simple Black Bean Cilantro Burgers

So here's the thing. We've gone VEGAN here in Chez Watje. Well mostly. It's kind of complicated, but that's an explanation for another post. The main thing to know here is that we've been looking for simple vegan meals that don't break the bank, don't take 3 hours to cook, aren't spicy, and don't feature vegetables prominently due to the boys in the house and their veggie-hating gag reflexes. In case you were wondering, that "simple" criteria rules out pretty much every vegan meal featured on Pinterest...

In desperation, and lack of groceries, I decided to make some black bean burgers using some leftovers ingredients from other meals this week. The verdict? Quick, easy to make, and nobody gagged. In this house we call that a win!  Even though this doesn't have the texture or taste of a regular burger (or even a store bought veggie burger!) this will have a permanent spot on our dinner rotation!  Even if your family hasn't taken the crazy train to vegan town, this is a great healthy meal that even the carnivores will (might) enjoy. 

1/2c onion
1/4c corn
1/8c cilantro
1 can black beans, drained
Egg Replacer - 1T flax meal + 3T water (whisk and rest 5min)
1/4c salsa, mild
3/4c bread crumbs
1 tsp garlic salt
2 tsp lime juice

Add onion, corn, and cilantro to a food processor and chop to desired texture.  Add black beans and repeat.  Add mixture and remaining ingredients to a bowl and combine.  Form patties, remembering that these will not shrink like meat patties.  Cook 5 minutes each side and enjoy!

Serves: 4-5

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