Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas 2015

Despite my best intentions to make a peaceful, prayerful Advent, the month of December got away from us.  I'd blame it mostly on my new little side business of making peg dolls, but realistically, that was just one of too many things on my plate.  One of these years I'll get it right.
I loved making them but next time I'm starting in July!
On the plus side, even though it was busy, we had a great time celebrating many of our fun family traditions and enjoying some fun group parties.
Gingerbread houses, River of Lights, Making Cookies, Zoo Christmas Enrichment, Making Tamales
AHG Court of Awards, Little Flowers/Blue Knights Minute to Win It Christmas Party,
Co-op Geography/Science Fair, Gem and Mineral Club Christmas Party
Of course, we added some new traditions to celebrate our precious Joaquin on his first Christmas in heaven.

Christmas Eve and Day were wonderful.  We spent Christmas Day at my sister's house enjoying our time with family.
Every year we go to San Antonio for a week after Christmas to visit Phil's mom.  This year, we left earlier than expected to get away from being snowed in by an incoming blizzard.
In the photo on the right you can see the blizzard in the mirror.  We were literally outrunning it most of the day.
Of course, when we finally got to San Antonio, it was HOT.  Thankfully it cooled down, because I didn't pack any warm weather clothes!
We had a lovely time once we got there, spending time with Grandma and playing with cousins.  We even managed to squeeze in a date night!
Decorating Grandma's Christmas Tree, Date Night, Picking Fruit

We had fun with Wisemen Adventures again this year from Christmas leading up to Epiphany.
When we got home, the snow from Snowmaggedon still hadn't melted in our front yard so the kids still got to play in the snow!
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