Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our School Room

While we do most of our schooling outside of our official schoolroom, I find it easier to keep things organized when there is a central location for all of our materials.  Plus, as Michaela attended a public preschool, she is comforted with the appearance of "real school" style decoration.  This may change as our homeschooling journey continues, but at this point, this is what we both need.

Our schoolroom is actually the baby's room.  As she is still sleeping in a crib, her room was the best option.  She is contained at night and can't make any messes.  She naps in the big kids room so that we can utilize the schoolroom at that time.

Our School Room
We have a small table for one on one work.  It is really too small, even now, so I am sure we will replace this with a larger one at some point, or just do our work at the kitchen table.  We also have 3 workbox towers.  I don't use them as "real" workboxes - just to store our supplies.  I also store misc. supplies on top and on the sides.  Above the table is a checklist we use to make sure we get our daily work done.  I don't really need this, but Michaela enjoys checking things off on her own.
Along one wall I have our simple pocket chart schedule.  I love it because I can easily move things around if we get off schedule.  I also have a simple pocket chart calendar (source: Our Aussie Homeschool), and a picture that shows them their options for free choice time.

On the same wall, there is our old coffee table with a book display in which we put all the books we are currently using.  Next to it is a basket with most of our Religion books.
Along the other wall I have a cabinet that holds most of our misc. school supplies.  Tucked in between it and the wall are a couple of pillows and a blanket that the older kids sometimes use during quiet time when they are listening to audiobooks.  Next to that is a shelf that holds most of our library books (we had just returned a lot, so it is a bit sparse).  We also have several educational posters scattered about the room to help with decoration.  :)

That is our school room tour for now!  Thanks for reading!

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