Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why We Chose to Homeschool

There is not any one reason we chose to homeschool.  It's something that we've thought of doing for years but have been waffling back and forth on.

My husband and I are very academically minded and have never been content with the thought of sending our children to public school where their love for learning could be easily squashed.  My husband is a teacher at a public charter middle and high school and he frequently sees kids come in who don't know how to think because they have always been "taught to the test".

Religion & Character
As Catholics, we are extremely uneasy with the socialization that our children would encounter in public school.  We want them growing up deeply immersed in their faith - making it such an interwoven part of their lives that they would feel lost without it.  We don't want them learning social skills that go directly against our beliefs.  We want them growing up to be kind, loving, forgiving, engaging members of society that are on fire with their love of Christ and want to share it with the world!  While it can certainly be done in public school, I think it will be so much easier to start them off with a strong solid foundation at home. 

Those are the two main reasons and I'm sure I'll talk more about them more.  Please share any comments or questions you may have.  Thanks for reading!

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