Sunday, November 30, 2014

Excuse the Wacky Posts

Soon you'll be seeing a whole lot of new posts but they will all be backdated. While I often use this blog to indulge my inner show-off (such as today's Advent blog posts), that is really only it's secondary purpose. 

Primarily though, I use this blog as a scrapbook/yearbook/journal to keep track of all the fun things I do with my little family throughout the year. I seem to never find the time to get out my scrapbooking supplies. Wasting time online though?  I can totally do that!

I find my desire to blog seems to ebb and flow. Lately I keep catching myself writing blog posts in my head. This means I need to take advantage of the current flow and write down some memories from this past semester. 

So if you are a subscriber, please excuse the wonky posting. If you are a visitor to the blog, come back and scroll back! There will soon be some new content past the latest dated posts!

Thanks for reading!

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