Sunday, November 30, 2014

Magnetic Advent Devotions

We have been using or beautiful Advent Board for the past few years, and although I love it, I wanted a little change of pace this year. Not to mention, having the board set up out of the way on the entryway table makes it WAY too easy to ignore.

Since we have gotten in the routine of doing our morning Religion time during and after breakfast in the morning, I wanted our new Advent devotions to be accessible to us in the kitchen. 

At the top is our Advent Fun calendar. Every day I will write something fun for us to do that day, such as baking cookies or setting up the Christmas tree.  It also has a numbered countdown to Christmas.  Source.

In the middle is our Jesse Tree. We are using homemade ornaments that correspond to the Read Aloud Book of Bible Stories

At the bottom is a magnetic Advent Wreath. Every Sunday we will "light" a new candle.

Here are detailed instructions for the Jesse Tree.

Thanks for reading!

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