Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bag 1 - Medicine Cabinet

I'm participating in 40 Bags in 40 Days again this year, which is basically my way of "spring cleaning", preparing my heart and home for Easter, and getting rid of crap in my life that distracts me from my family and time with God.

Last week my kids were sick, and my head wanted to explode when I realized half the medicines in my medicine cabinet were expired. I started to pull everything out to evaluate what I had before heading to the store. 

Broken glasses and thermometer?  Check. ACTUAL rusty metal blades within my children's reach for who knows how long?!?!?  Check. (Seriously). Bottle of cough syrup that was not months (or years) past it's expiration date?  Nope. 

I re-organized the cabinet, got rid of a grocery sized bag o' crap, and saved my children from tetanus all in one go. Yay for cleaning!

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