Thursday, February 11, 2016

Catholic Valentine Roundup

Along with St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day is one of those Catholic feast days that has been completely overwhelmed by the secular world.  If you'd like to infuse a bit more of your faith into the Valentine cards your child hands out, I've got you covered!  Also, don't forget to take a look at my February saint post for links on celebrating this feast day as a family.

saint valentine printable pack
Catholic Icing has an adorable pack free for subscribers that includes both print-and-go (all your child has to do is sign) and coloring page style (the child colors the whole card).  There is also a toilet paper roll candy holder that can be given as a valentine or as a special treat for your child.

Waltzing Matilda shared a fun idea for a valentine with a prayer card attached.  This might be a nice treat to give to your kids if giving them something is one of your family traditions.

There is a cute St. Valentine matchbox candy holder at Paper Dali.

Catholic Inspired has an inspiring fold up printable valentine that reminds us what true love is.

Free Printable Bible Verse Valentines for Kids
A cute set of printable bible verse valentines can be found at Real Life at Home.

Shower of Roses has a set of printable tags to attach to a box of conversation hearts.

I LOVE these sweet Mary valentine cards from Shower of Roses.  In fact, I may put together a set to give my Little Flowers at our meeting on the day after Valentine's Day.
Another cute from Shower of Roses. (Can you tell I love her stuff?!?!)

I love any project involving the adorable Happy Saints images.  This great idea comes from Equipping Catholic Families.

There are so many Raisins why Jesus loves you FREE Printable Valentine at Happy Home Fairy!!
Happy Home Fairy is not a Catholic blogger, but has some great christian valentines including this relatively healthy one.

I love the idea of giving Spiritual Bouquets for Valentine's Day.  Basically a spiritual bouquet is a promise to pray for someone attached to a physical bouquet.  Catholic Icing has a nice roundup of examples.

How about this cute smore valentine from Abbie Grace Designs?

There are a ton of versions of this John 3:16 valentine, but here is a great free printable version at Sweet Blessings.

Catholic All Year has a great set of printable valentines with saint quotes that you could print at quarter size.

Looking for a great way to share the love of Jesus this Valentine's Day? These FREE scripture valentine printables are perfect! Plus they are simple and frugal. It's exactly what you need this year!
There are 5 various printable scripture valentines at Not Consumed, including some boy friendly ones that tend to be a little hard to find!

That's it for now!  I'm sure there are a ton more out there, but I'll have to find them next year.  Thanks for reading!

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