Sunday, November 30, 2014

Excuse the Wacky Posts

Soon you'll be seeing a whole lot of new posts but they will all be backdated. While I often use this blog to indulge my inner show-off (such as today's Advent blog posts), that is really only it's secondary purpose. 

Primarily though, I use this blog as a scrapbook/yearbook/journal to keep track of all the fun things I do with my little family throughout the year. I seem to never find the time to get out my scrapbooking supplies. Wasting time online though?  I can totally do that!

I find my desire to blog seems to ebb and flow. Lately I keep catching myself writing blog posts in my head. This means I need to take advantage of the current flow and write down some memories from this past semester. 

So if you are a subscriber, please excuse the wonky posting. If you are a visitor to the blog, come back and scroll back! There will soon be some new content past the latest dated posts!

Thanks for reading!

Magnetic Jesse Tree Using the Read Aloud Book of Bible Stories

A few weeks ago I ran across this great looking Magnetic Jesse Tree on Pinterest. (Isn't Pinterest the best?!)

I loved the idea, because it was accessible to us in the kitchen, where it would be easiest to do our Advent devotions in the morning.

I wanted our Jesse Tree this year to have ornaments corresponding to The Read Aloud Book of Bible Stories. I found this book at a homeschool conference this year and fell in love with it. If ever there was a living bible for kids, this is it!

My version

Here is the PDF chart showing which ornaments I am using on which day, along with links to the source of each free printable ornament. 

Ornaments -
~Materials needed: clear glass beads (found in floral section at Walmart or dollar store), Modge Podge, small circular magnets (I found mine at Walmart), and small printed pictures for ornaments.

~How to: Cut your ornaments to fit the glass beads.  Paint Modge Podge on the flat side of the glass bead and place the paper ornament on.  Then cover with more Modge Podge and stick the magnet on.  That's it!

Hope that helps if you are interested making this for yourself.  Thanks for reading!

Magnetic Advent Devotions

We have been using or beautiful Advent Board for the past few years, and although I love it, I wanted a little change of pace this year. Not to mention, having the board set up out of the way on the entryway table makes it WAY too easy to ignore.

Since we have gotten in the routine of doing our morning Religion time during and after breakfast in the morning, I wanted our new Advent devotions to be accessible to us in the kitchen. 

At the top is our Advent Fun calendar. Every day I will write something fun for us to do that day, such as baking cookies or setting up the Christmas tree.  It also has a numbered countdown to Christmas.  Source.

In the middle is our Jesse Tree. We are using homemade ornaments that correspond to the Read Aloud Book of Bible Stories

At the bottom is a magnetic Advent Wreath. Every Sunday we will "light" a new candle.

Here are detailed instructions for the Jesse Tree.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Saints Day Party

Yesterday my co-op celebrated All Saints Day with a party after morning Mass.  All the kiddos dressed as their saints to attend Mass - it was so cute!  We gathered afterwards in the parish hall to eat some yummy potluck food and play some games.  I didn't get permissions to post photos of the children, but it was a great turnout and so much fun!

All Saints Day Banner from Shower of Roses

Crown Mary Ringtoss
Try to throw the crown of roses around Mary's head.

St. Therese Shower of Roses Tossing Game
Throw the roses into the hula hoop.

Pin the Halo on the Archangel

St. Peter's Fishing Game

St. Francis Church Building
(Block area for the littles)

A few bowling games

St. Cecilia's Musical Chairs

Coloring Pages

Some of the older kids helped out with the games, which was just so wonderful.  I wish I had remembered to take a picture of my St. Kateri, St. Michael, and St. George to share!  Oh well, I'll have to remember next year.  Thanks for reading!