Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wisemen Adventures - Day 1 & 2

This year we are participating in Wisemen Adventures. The idea is to move your Wisemen figures around the house "Elf on the Shelf" style while they follow the star, until they find baby Jesus on Epiphany.  Ours started their search the day after Christmas.

Day 1
The Wisemen decided to search the gingerbread houses to see if the Christ Child was sleeping inside. No luck, but the naughty camel found himself a little treat and started eating the snowman's walking stick!

Day 2
The Wisemen were distracted from their search by our Christmas goodies!  I hope they had a good snack because they have a long journey ahead of them!

Stay tuned for more Wisemen Adventures. Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Reminder: Epiphany Countdown and Christmas Thank You Notes Printables

Don't forget that I have a couple of printable resources on this blog that are perfect for this time of year!

Simple Epiphany Countdown to countdown the time from Christmas to Epiphany.

Simple Christmas Thank You Notes perfect for young children to send thank you notes for their Christmas presents.

Thanks for reading!

12 Days of Christmas Resources

One of my absolute favorite things about being Catholic (besides the Body and Blood of Christ!) is that we get to celebrate Christmas for an extra 12 days after the rest of the world has already started packing it up into boxes for the attic.  Well technically, there are 11 days of the Christmas season this year if you are counting to Epiphany.  18 if you celebrate until the Baptism of the Lord!  Here are some fun resources to help you celebrate:

My favorite go-to resource for Christmas liturgical year info is the Catholic Culture countdown.  It has a great review of WHY we celebrate Christmas for as long as we do, and usually a neat activity and recipe for each day of Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas for Busy Families by Two 0's + More is a great post outlining simple ideas for celebrating each day as well.

Family at the Foot of the Cross has a great post that not only explains the real meaning behind the 12 Days of Christmas Song, but also lists ideas for each day of Christmas as you scroll down.

And of course, Shower of Roses always has amazing resources.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for December feast days, and the beginning of this post for January feast days in the Christmas season.

Have a very merry Christmas season!  Thanks for reading!