Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Schedule Spring 2014

I'm loving our schedule for this semester so far.  It is more of a guideline than a schedule, but it helps me see what needs to get done each day, and leaves plenty of wiggle room in case we are having an awful day.  It leaves room for an "outing" each day, but more often, we will use that outing time to catch up or play outside.  I quickly learned last semester that an outing everyday leads to more stress than it's worth!  We also may change things around depending on if an afternoon activity is available to us instead of a morning one.

I also am using a new scheduler/lesson planner this year that I love!  The problem with most schedulers are that they don't have enough subject spaces for a CM'er to use.  This one is absolutely perfect and fits a whole week on one page w/ a little bit of room to write lesson numbers in.  Go to the Thiel Academy to get your own copy!  She offers it in both a pdf and a word format so it is super easy to customize for your own needs!

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