Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week in Review Jan. 25 - Spring Semester Week # 2

Lazy afternoon relaxing together after our school work was done.

In My Life This Week
This was one of those ideal homeschooling weeks.  We got through our work quickly and efficiently and the children seemed to truly enjoy what we were learning.  We had plenty of down time for playing and enjoying each others company, yet still were able to get together with friends a couple of times.  I felt totally blissed out the whole week despite 3 of us being hit with allergies right after getting over our colds!

In Our Homeschool
Still loving our new curriculum and schedule.  I seriously feel so blessed to be able to be my children's primary teacher!
Phonics - sounds of k (c, k, ck) and sounds of s (s and z)
Math - MEP Yr 1 - Lessons 21-25
Grammar - First Language Lessons # 1-10
Handwriting - moving along in her cursive
Literature - finished Winnie the Pooh
Rafael Language Arts - LLFLO 1 # 9-17
Rafael Math - MEP Reception - Lessons 4-8
Rafael Literature - Corduroy, Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny
Geography - China - The Five Chinese Brothers, The Seven Chinese Sisters
History - Expansion - The Floating House, A Packet of Seeds
Science - BFSU - A-2 - Solids, Liquid, and Gases
Nature Study - Nothing official this week.  I really need to step it up and pull some things together for this!
Habit Training - Laying Down the Rails - Obedience #3-4
Handiworks - Lego Challenge # 1

Around Town
Monday - we enjoyed having Philip home for MLK Jr. day and spent the morning running errands and stopping by a delicious new chocolaterie for a little treat.

Tuesday - We had our first co-op science class using BFSU late on Tuesday afternoon.  It was a success and I'm looking forward to teaching this great group of kids!  I also love the classroom we are using at a local community center.  It really makes a difference with a large group of children to be in a classroom setting rather than a home!

Wednesday - I hosted the inagural Pinterest Club meeting for my MOMS Club on Wednesday.  We made some absolutely adorable kids artwork holders and had a great time visiting with friends we haven't seen in a while.

Friday - We went to our local Catholic co-op classes, and afterwards went to a friends house for a Show and Tell themed playdate.

My Kitchen
In trying to save a bit on our grocery bill, I pulled a turkey from the deep freeze and cooked and processed it.  We got a ton of stock and cooked turkey (for future meals such as enchiladas, turkey spaghetti, etc) for the freezer.  Plus I made our absolute favorite soup using the bones!

I'm Grateful For
Having the freedom and ability to homeschool.  It was a truly perfect week!

I'm Praying For
One sister whose birthday was yesterday, another sister who started her first day of a new job today, and my wonderful husband whose birthday is tomorrow!

Things I'm Working On
I really need to get some lessons going on all the "extras" we've been ignoring such as art, nature study, music, and PE.  I'm working on pulling a few things together for this week!

I'm Linking Up


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    Best of luck

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