Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week in Review July 12th - Week #2

In Our Homeschool
Still sticking with mostly the basics for the first month of school. I'm hoping to start adding in our extra subjects once August hits. 

In Our Life
Lots of rain around here so we've been enjoying the break from the sun. Monsoon season is my favorite.

Around Town
We loved our trip to the Jemez so much that we had to return!  I love having a 4 day schoolweek!
We went to a fun science demonstration day at the library this week and learned all about sound and light. 

My Kitchen
Made some delicious soup

I'm Working On
I'm helping with VBS this week so have been busy decorating my room for that. I also am doing some administrative work for the co-op we'll be starting at our church this fall. 

Thanks for reading!

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