Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Schedule 2013

The first few weeks of our semester were spent trying to find a schedule that works for our family.  Finally on our 3rd week we found our rhythm.  Michaela is EXTREMELY Type A.  It's important that she has a schedule, but for my own sanity (and the reality of having little ones) I need something flexible.  We discovered that a simple pocket chart schedule works best for us.  She gets the satisfaction of seeing us complete tasks in order, and I get the satisfaction of being able to easily move tasks around when our day doesn't go as planned.

I don't have exact times for any of these, but I will post our typical order, and about how long they take.

Here is my post on curriculum if you want more information on that.  I plan on posting more in depth details of what we are learning every few weeks.

I use a basic teacher planning book to write out the details of each of our lessons.  I plan 3-4 weeks at a time, even though I have a basic idea of what we will be learning throughout the year.  Every week I also print out a sheet with the basics/title of our schedule and put it in a sheet protector.  We then cross things off as we go through them.  Sometimes I swap one thing out for another in each category - for example if I have a time-intensive Special planned for that day and the kids are just not focusing that day, I'll swap it our for something in the same category that is a bit lighter.  An example of my sheet is below:

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