Monday, March 10, 2014

Lent Check-in - Week 1

Bag 1: Old magazines and fabric
Bag 2: Paperwork and trash from my car!
Prayer - HelloMornings Challenge & Daily Family Prayer
Going well.  There are mornings where it is difficult, but it is do nice to be able to wake up and go to sleep every day with God in my heart.

1.  No added sugar - hmmm...going ok.  It is extremely difficult at times and it's only been a few days!  I am struggling with using this fasting as a method to bring me closer to God rather than just another diet.  I felt so awful yesterday at my sister's house.  My dad had made breakfast for us and instead of gratefully eating it, I kept fussing over whether the ingredients had added sugar.  Our deacon really hit the nail on the head yesterday in his homily when he reminded us that our fasting shouldn't be so severe that it becomes a penance for others.

2.  40 Bags in 40 Days - It was a bit if a crazy week so I only managed to fill 2 out of 5 trash bags. That is still 2 trash bags of junk gone!

3.  Sacrificing Social Media - struggling with this one too.  Hopefully I can do better this week, because I definitely slipped up quite a bit.

1.  Patience - Serving my family with patience is not very easy while giving up added sugar!  I perhaps did not think that out very well.  Starting the morning with prayer is very helpful, but this ties in to being able to handle my fasting internally and transform it into a form of prayer through giving to my family.

2.  Tithe - I will finally be setting up EFT this week!

How did your first week of Lent go?

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  1. Pretty well. I am on a healthier eating program and I am trying to be more social, which is tough on an introvert such as I am. I did make some plans to meet with people and I have eaten healthy all week but I still have trouble giving up sugar and popcorn.