Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week in Review March 9th - Spring Semester Week #8

Hard at work in their uniforms.
In My Life
I am feeling a bit overwhelmed lately.  I recently took on the task of helping set up a Catholic homeschool conference in our town and am not sure that was one of my smartest ideas.  Darn helium hand!  In any case, with singing at two evening Masses this weekend, and a late night meeting for the conference, I am ready to be a hermit this week.  I did get to see some friends Friday evening though, thank goodness.  It is amazing what a little girl time can do for your sanity!
In Our Homeschool
WAY too many crazy weeks in a row, but thankfully we have been able to stay on track with our homeschool schedule thanks to my new dirty little secret.  Uniforms!  I bought a few basic uniforms at our local consignment store a couple of weeks ago - nothing special just khaki bottoms and navy tops (or a few navy dresses in Michaela's case).  We were having some issues with getting distracted and off task, so now the children put on their uniforms as soon as they wake up and wear them until they are done with their schoolwork for the day.  They know that even if I let them have a break, when I say it is time to get back on task, no arguing is allowed.  The uniform says so.  They are thrilled to change into play clothes afterwards, and I love how well it is working so far!

Phonics - Rx For Reading - Initial and Final Consonant Blends
Math - MEP Year 1 - Lessons 47-50
Grammar - 1st Language Lessons - 34-38
Literature - Betsy Tacy and Tib
Rafael Language Arts - Language Lessons for Little Ones - Lessons 60-66
Rafael Math - MEP Reception - Lessons 24-27
Rafael Literature - Wanda Gag books - Millions of Cats, The Funny Thing, The ABC Bunny
Geography - Italy - Count Your Way Through Italy, C is for Ciao
History - Slavery/Beginning of Civil War - Priscilla and the Hollyhocks, Follow the Drinking Gourd
Science - BFSU - A-4 Science Co-op Class - the particulate matter of nature

Around Town
Tuesday - Science Co-op Class
Wednesday - PBS Station Tour
Thursday - Archery Class
Friday - Catholic Co-op

I'm Grateful For
My amazing husband.  After being gone several nights this week, he encouraged me to "linger" during my Sunday afternoon errands so that I could enjoy some child-free time.  What a Saint!  It is our 8 year anniversary today!

What I'm Working On
I am focusing on getting rid of junk as per my 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge.  It is amazing how much stuff I have  - and I have done this challenge the past several years too!

Thanks for reading!

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