Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lent Lapbook

Yesterday in my daughters K/1st Catholic co-op class I had the kids make lap books for Lent.  I didn't have time to run to the store for tri-fold folders, but the regular file folders worked just fine.
On the front we glued the Lent Countdown calendar from Catholic Icing.

I wanted to teach them about the three tenents of Lent - Praying, Fasting, and Almsgiving.

Prayer & Fasting
Prayer - On the left panel we focused on prayer.  The children glued scaled down versions of the Stations of the Cross and Sorrowful Mysteries (both included in ebooks I purchased from Happy Saints).  The reflections are included in the printouts so they are completely ready to be used.  I also glued a panel (found here) that they could write a special prayer intention on.

Fasting - On the right panel we focused on fasting.  The children colored and glued THIS coloring page illustrating fasting.  We had a discussion about what would be appropriate to fast from.  (i.e. something that you loved or used on a daily basis - broccoli would not be appropriate unless you really really love it!).  Again there is another panel to write what they were planning on fasting from.

Almsgiving - On the back panel we focused on almsgiving.  The children pasted THIS sign from Catholic Icing describing what Giving Alms is.  We talked about the different ways that children could give alms, other than saving money for the poor.  I related it more to stewardship in that they could also give of their time and talent to others (ie helping Mom with chores, using kind words more, etc.).  Again, another panel for them to write what they were planning on doing.

Lent Countdown Calendar
Happy Saints Way of the Cross and Rosary Ebooks
Praying, Fasting, Almsgiving Tags
Fasting Coloring Page
Almsgiving Sign

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