Thursday, February 27, 2014

Small Success Thursday: Punctuality, Prayer, and Posts

What, me tantrum?
1.  I've been mostly on time to everything this week!  Mostly. There was a small incident in getting to Gabrielle's 2yr checkup on Monday but I'm going to blame that on a massive terrible-two tantrum because she DID.  NOT.  WANT SHOES!  Oh my, I forgot how fun this stage is!

2.  I have started making prayer a priority and have managed to pray a rosary, the liturgy of the hours, and read the daily Mass readings every morning this week. It REALLY makes a difference in my attitude and in how I approach my day. 

3.  I have managed to get a post out every day for 7 Posts in 7 Days. I almost forgot yesterday!

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  1. Andrea, I can commiserate with having a toddler, though my oldest daughter is now 3. I was told by a dear friend who has two teenage girls that the age of 3 is WORSE than 2. Sigh. I am finding this to be totally accurate unfortunately!