Monday, February 17, 2014

Week in Review Feb. 16th - Spring Semester Week #5

In My Life This Week
This was a really fun week, but also VERY busy!  I am clutching a big 'ol cup of coffee as I write this, so glad that last week is over, and still slightly traumatized by it's craziness!  I am hoping this week is a bit calmer!

In Our Homeschool
Phonics - Consonant Clusters (nd), Consonant-Vowel Combos (er, or)
Math - MEP Year 1 - Lessons 35-37
Grammar - First Language Lessons - Lessons 21-24
Handwriting - continuing to learn how to write vowels in cursive
Literature Betsy Tacy
Rafael Language Arts - Language Lessons for Little Ones - Lessons 38-41
Rafael Math - MEP Reception - Lesson 12-14
Rafael Literature - The Little House (this may be my new favorite children's book!), Maybelle the Cable Car
Geography - Australia - Rainbow Bird
History - Slavery/Beginning of Civil War - The story of Moses from children's bible (to help explain slavery), Light in the Darkness
Nature Study - Weather tracking
Handicrafts - Lego Challenge # 4

Around Town
Monday - MOMS Club playgroup

Tuesday - Dentist appointment!  All 3 kids were cavity free, but we definitely need to start saving for braces.  :(

Wednesday - Weekly Homeschool Mass, Co-op Class on Food (chocolate!)

Thursday - 1st archery class!  They loved it!

Friday - MOMS Club Valentine's Day party, at my house, Catholic Co-op St. Valentine party

My Kitchen
I stuck to simple and easy this week and it worked out well!  Tacos, pork chops, chicken spaghetti al fredo, all easy family favorites that come together quickly!

I'm Grateful For
My sweet precious Gabrielle who turned 2 yesterday.  (2!  When did that happen?)

I'm Praying For
My dear friend who suffered a loss this week, and for all women dealing with the pain of infertility.

Things I'm Working On
Our back yard.  We are putting in grass soon and every night this week will be devoted to moving dirt and sifting rocks out of it.

I'm Linking Up
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oooh, you're in a MOMS Club too? So am I! Glad your nutty week is over!