Saturday, February 1, 2014

Catholic Co-op: St. Brigid & The Presentation of The Lord

We attend co-op classes once a week for 2 hours at a local Catholic Church. While Rafael's Preschool Class has a dedicated teacher, the teacher in the combined Kinder/1st grade class relies on rotating parent volunteers to help teach.  Each parent does their own thing - usually something having to do with the Liturgical Year, but not always.

This week was my turn to teach and I chose to have the kids learn about St. Brigid, The Presentation of The Lord, and some basic science. 

St. Brigid
An Irish Saint whose family was converted by St. Patrick.  Lots of legend and lore surround her but we know that she established several convents around Ireland.

I skipped about 5 pages since I didn't have the time to deal with questions about the Druids or sorcerers!  The story was still a great read even cutting that part out!

Craft - St. Brigid's Cross
Instructions found at Catholic Icing!

The Presentation of The Lord
The Feast celebrating Mary and Joseph presenting Jesus at the Temple 40 days after his birth, according to Jewish law.  A holy man, Simeon, and prophetess, Anna, proclaim Jesus as the Messiah.  This Feast is also known as Candlemas and many churches bless the candles as a way of honoring Jesus as the Light of the World.


Craft - Personalized Candles
Instructions at Come Together Kids

Science of Light
Since Simeon tells Mary and Joseph that Jesus will be the Light of nations, I segued into a simple science lesson about light. We talked about the terms Opaque, Transparent, and Transluscent. The kids did an item sort and worksheet. 
Printables found at TPT

I also sent the students home with the awesome printable found at Many Little Blessings for Catholic family Fun in February. She puts one out every month and they are so awesome!

Of course I have a Pinterest board full of more ideas to celebrate these two special days, plus more February feasts!

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Thanks for reading!

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