Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What's in My Purse

How's that for a mom bag?
Kendra over at Catholic All Year has a cute little link up running today for those of us participating in 7 Posts in 7 Days.  Check it out if, like me, you want to be nosy and see the insides of other people's purses!

1.  Martha Stewart Planner -  (I did not pay that much!  Yay for sales!). I love this thing.  Seriously love.  It's weekly pages are divided into Morning/Afternoon/Evening and there are two blank blocks which I use for "To-do" and "Meals".  I still maintain an online calendar on my phone that is shared between my husband and I, but I really prefer solid paper to plan and schedule things.

2.  Crayons & Blank Notebook - You never know when you will need to distract an energetic toddler!

3.  Phone Wallet - I bought this at Target a couple of months ago and love it.  It holds my phone and cards and has a little wristlet.  If I need to run into the store quickly I just grab this out of my bag so that I don't have to drag my whole purse in!

4.  Water Bottle - Ever since I had kidney stones last September, I am never without a water bottle in my bag and in my cup holder in my car.  Plus a gallon jug in my car just in case!

5.  Diapers - Realistically I should have wipes in here too, but I ran out last week and have had to bum wipes off my fellow moms since that.  Adding that to my to-do list...

6.  Cough drops - I sing every other week at Mass and since my voice is often affected by seasonal allergies I keep these in my bag for emergencies.

7.  Gum - Nasty breath from quick cups of coffee or snack when I am out and about are treated quickly with a bit of gum.  I sometimes keep those little one time toothbrush pick thingies (sorry, not enough coffee yet today!), but seem to be out of them right now.

8.  Electronic stuff - I usually have my phone charger and earphones with me.  Phone charger because I chronically forget to charge at home (my other charger is near my bed), and earphones for no other reason than so that I know where they are when I am looking for them!

9.  Keys - Storing them immediately IN my purse when I get home has cut down majorly on the frantic - "Where are my keys?!?!?!  We are 10 minutes late, please, please, please, help me find my keys!" episodes.

10.  Chapstick - 2 words.  Desert air.

Missing conspicuously - Pile o' Junk that takes up about 40% of my purses space - misc. receipts and papers that I need to go through and file.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey! We don't get to see the trash?! :0)
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. That's the approach I take with my keys too! It helps so much!