Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week in Review Feb. 8 - Spring Semester Week #4

Enjoying the Snowy Weather!
In My Life This Week
It was a nice lazy week around here.  It snowed a couple of days so we hibernated in our cozy little house and enjoyed relaxing, learning, and playing together.

In Our Homeschool
Phonics - Digraphs (th, wh) and Consonant Clusters (ng, st, nt)
Math - MEP Year 1 - Lessons 31-34
Grammar - First Language Lessons - Lessons 16-20
Handwriting - continuing to learn how to write vowels in cursive
Literature - Betsy Tacy
Rafael Language Arts - Language Lessons for Little Ones - Lessons 26-37
Rafael Math - MEP Reception - Lesson 11
Rafael Literature - Harry the Dirty Dog, Harry and the Lady Next Door, No Roses for Harry, Harry by the Sea
Geography - Australia - Colors of Australia
History - Expansion - Apples to Oregon, Going West
Science - BFSU A-3: Air is a Substance
Nature Study - January Nature Study Grid from Handbook of Nature Study Blog

Around Town
Monday - We went to our local theater to see a play of Stuart Little.  The kids loved the book so they were pretty excited to see this!

Tuesday - Co-op Science class - BFSU A-3 - Air is a Substance

Wednesday - Weekly Homeschool Mass

Friday - Catholic Co-op Classes

My Kitchen
We made lots of comfort food this cold chilly week!  Try this Baked Potato Soup.  I promise you won't be sorry!

I'm Grateful For
Having a cozy and warm home to keep us out of the cold.

I'm Praying For
The homeless and very poor who have to deal with the harsh weather.

Things I'm Working On
Still working on my Saint Directory from last week.  It is starting to come together!

I'm Linking Up
Thanks for reading!

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