Thursday, February 13, 2014

Small Success Thursday: Meals, Valentines, and Basic Household Upkeep that Shouldn't be so Difficult

With a full schedule and busy life - every small success adds up!

1.  I made three meals that my ENTIRE family loved this week. This is big. My kids always eat their food but they are vocal about whether it is a favorite or not (as is my husband). Every single person devoured these meals quickly and asked for seconds or thirds. That is a win in my book!  (They were Tacos, Pork Chops w/ Potatoes Au Gratin and Sauteed Apples/Onions, and Chicken Spaghetti Alfredo w/ salad.)
Give me more yummy food!!!!

2.  I remembered to print out some Valentines for the kids to sign yesterday. My goodness it is painful to watch a 4 and 6 year old sign their name so many times. I'm glad we didn't wait until today or there is no way they'd be done in time for our two parties tomorrow!
Sigh.  Yes I know Rafael is writing the "wrong" way.  It is a work in progress folks.

3.  I swept. Don't laugh, this is a big deal. It is my least favorite chore and hasn't happened in an embarrassingly long time. 

What are your small successes for the week?

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  1. MMM, apples and onions...think I need to make some of that! Great job on thinking ahead on the Valentines.

  2. Sweeping: I am with you! Though my least favorite chore is doing the dishes. :)

  3. Resounding Successes!
    As for sweeping, I have a love-hate relationship with it. Sigh. Our grass in the winter is like straw and our kitchen tile always looks like part barn floor. I just about have to sweep daily. Animals, child, husband - MESS! Drives me bonkers.

    Have a great week.