Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Nature Study

We finally pulled it together these past couple of weeks to fit in some nature study time.  It has been so cold and windy (and snowy!) that it was the last thing on my to-do list.  Although I've been following the Handbook of Nature Study blog for a while now, I just recently discovered their free printable nature study grids in their monthly subscriber newsletters.  I am awful at scheduling actual structured nature study times, so this is the perfect tool for a lazy busy Charlotte Mason mom!  We just glued the grid to the kids' notebooks and used the boxes to guide our outdoor time.

January Nature Study Grid

Winter Tree Silhouette Study
Directions: Look for a tree with no leaves.  Draw the shape of the tree in your nature journal.

Bark Rubbing
Directions: Smell the bark of a tree.  Make a rubbing for your nature journal.

Evergreen Comparison
Directions: Find two evergreen trees.  Observe how they are similar.
(Neither lose their leaves in winter.  One is wider and lighter green with poky branches and needles.  The other is taller and darker green with "bark-y" branches and smooth needles.)

Pine Cone Study
Directions: Can you find a cone?  Describe it with words.
(Pointy, bendy, light brown)

Pine Needle Study
Directions: Observe tree needles.  Measure the length, count the number of needles in a bundle.
(1. Length: 10 1/2cm, Texture: Poky, # of needles: 182
2. Length: 8 1/2cm, Texture: Smooth, # of needles: 85)

Cold Weather Study
Directions: Take a friend on a nature walk.  Can you go out on a cold day and see your breath?

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  1. I love the Handbook of Nature study sheets, too. You have done a lot of nature study in a month. I am impressed.