Thursday, February 20, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Rocks, Books, and Yelling

1.  We are clearing out weeds and rocks to put grass in our back yard.  I managed to convince the children that it would be FUN! to pick up small rocks that our sifter missed.  (Ok, maybe I bribed them with 10 cents a grocery bag full of rocks, but whatevs, cheap manual labor)!

2.  I ordered some books for Lent from Amazon!  2 whole weeks early!  This is big.  My picture is listed when you look up procrastinator in the dictionary.  Seriously, so proud of myself.

3.  I haven't yelled  much all week.  Being angry and impatient are two vices I have ALWAYS struggled to get under control and I am finally starting to see results.  The entire family is so much happier when I can calmly respond to minor frustrations and irritations than when I hold it in, or much worse, snap in anger.  St. Anne pray for me!

What are your small successes this week?

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