Monday, February 24, 2014

Week in Review Feb. 23rd - Spring Semester Week #6

Enjoying the warm weather!

In My Life This Week
For some reason our weather is acting like it is Spring already!  We had a couple of windy days, but for the most part it has been beautiful outside - meaning WE have been outside quite a bit!  I need to go stock up on sunscreen!  We also had a joint birthday party for Michaela and Gabrielle that was so much fun!  I'll post photos soon.

In Our Homeschool
Phonics - Reading Practice  We finished the last of Section 1 last week and will just be reading for the next couple of weeks to practice the rules we learned!
Math - MEP Year 1 - Lessons 38-41
Grammar - First Language Lessons - Lessons 25-28
Handwriting - continuing to learn how to write vowels in cursive
Literature Betsy Tacy
Rafael Language Arts - Language Lessons for Little Ones - Lessons 42-51
Rafael Math - MEP Reception - Lesson 15-18
Rafael Literature - Katy and the Big Snow, Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel
Geography - Australia - Are We There Yet?, Over in the Australia
History - Slavery/Beginning of Civil War - Jumping the Broom
Nature Study - Desert Nature Walk
Handicrafts - Lego Challenge # 5

Around Town
Monday - MOMS Club playgroup

Tuesday - Co-op Science Class

Wednesday - Weekly Homeschool Mass, Charlotte Mason Co-op Nature Walk

Thursday - Archery Class

Friday - Catholic Co-op

My Kitchen
This was not the best cooking week for me.  We ended up eating out a few times, so I hope to get back on track this week!

I'm Grateful For
Choir.  I am so blessed that I still get to participate in this ministry with 3 small children.  Which leads to being thankful for my husband who watched all 3 children during Mass while I am singing!

I'm Praying For
A dear friend's mother - who has suffered several strokes over the last couple of years and is barely hanging on.  Praying that the entire family feels peace over these last days, however long they last.

Things I'm Working On
Our back yard.  Still moving dirt.  Blech.

I'm Linking Up
Thanks for reading!


  1. I love your Around Town Schedule. Wish we had as many opportunities where we live.

  2. I have to ask how you get so much schooling done with being gone each day? I can't seem to hardly go anywhere on a school day. It does sound like fun, though!

    1. We do school as SOON as we wake up - usually around 6:30am. The kids are expected to be dressed and beds made before they come out of their room. Then we usually do about 1-1.5hr school (with a couple of breaks) and are done with almost all the major subjects. (Math, writing, phonics, literature, grammar). We are always home for the baby to take a nap in the middle of the day and do the rest while she is sleeping (science, nature study, religion, geography, history, etc.). I've been meaning to put a post up of what a day in our life looks like - hopefully I'll get to it soon!